Life on Rye

by Elijah Taylor

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Impossible 04:09
Our options are few at the moment So make your decision Don't blame it on me 'cuz you're scared. You tell me just go as planned, but that is Physically impossible. How long has it been that we've been together? Partners succeeding each day We work so hard together, But why do you act so impossible With me? -chorus- Do you think you'll succeed In making my life miserable? You'll have to try harder than that To be this person you think you are With some power over me That's impossible The countdown to extinction continues It screams in my face every day Neither of us can stand it, The way they keep us waiting, And waiting [chorus] [chorus]
Escape Today 03:50
You won't escape today... Find your answers that you seek To impossible questions here There is nothing left to lose Only money can bring action To the lifeless path I'm on Where do I get off And start the path To all that I can't have? -chorus- In the sun The worst is yet to come You can run But you won't Escape Today. I can't tell you what life means But I might as well try There is nothing I can say That will help you believe me Only money can destroy What we call judgement Where do I fall off And put your life together Once again? [chorus] You won't escape today.
Space 03:51
We come from another planet Just cadets in this life-game Rotating madly out of control Floating sideways, catching some rays X-rays and Y-rays and Z-rays out in the sun! We know that we don't belong here It's obvious when we fly in the sky And get so high We'll never die, we smell like rye You're weaker than I thought Outer space could be. We don't belong! We could be anywhere How would we know where the rest were? Aliens from outer space If we only knew how to find each other It would be easy Just like this change... We come from space, We have no place, On this earth. (Mix it up, mix it up... Mix it on me, mix it on me)
Complicated 03:57
Take me beyond words and share with me The subconscious thoughts Running through your mind - and then send me home - Show me the lost world that I cannot have Even though you've offered me - the darkness, the warmth, everything - Lay your head in my lap, just like you do, always And make me want you - and then send me home - I won't believe myself in the notion That in the ocean There's bigger fish than you -chorus- You and me, we're Complicated Disturbing and intriguing We will be unsedated Passion flowing freely Some things were meant to be We will learn to love life in the end So put your trust in me Here we go now, let's move on to verse three... Look up at me from my lap And show me those eyes And then let me wonder - and then go back down - Ask me, what would I like For you to do, while you're down there - the darkness, the warmth, everything - [chorus] [chorus]
Just Fine 04:22
Walking down the street and watching The wind pass through the trees Everything looks black and white, from here I kick a rock aside to see The dust come off the ground What do I do now? -chorus- Just passing time, until the end But I can't find my way It's like I'm blind And I can't send myself To a sunny day I walk by stores and banks and wonder: Do they really live the way I do? I stumble to my knees and ponder: Who can really give the way I do? I'm just fine In my mind [chorus] Mmm-mmm, oh I'm just fine Mmm-mmm, doin fine Mmm-mmm, I'm just fine Mmm-mmm, in my mind! Mmm-mmm, I'm just fine! Mmm-mmm, in my mind!
A mysterious visitor appears before me And talks about the effect I have on her And I can see it in her picture: she's dangerous She could be the death of me I try not to think what I want And stay safely away from her gaze In the maze of life -chorus- But I can't see past Those tempting eyes Do you think you can handle the job that you've asked for Miss seventeen? And I should go now and leave you here Without me turning your life upside down Miss seventeen So what do I do? I have to behave myself (but why) I've got this feeling like I'm sinking Yet flying too, but around in circles From up here I can see the conclusion So clear in my head But I can't see past Those tempting eyes Do you think you're up for the job that you've asked for Miss seventeen? And I should go now and leave you here Without me turning your thoughts inside out Miss seventeen I don't know much about you Early in the spring I don't know much about me Patient as I am! I don't know much about you So take my open hand! I can't say what will happen Predictive as I am [chorus]
Playground 04:18
I'm sitting in the moonlight by myself The conversations running wild inside my head Only you, and only me whispering to you The rest of the world is your playground But you just, you just won't believe me If I could, I'd let you deceive me Why won't the rest of you see me? I just can't wait for time to catch up A roomful of girls And none of them are my age Most of them acting like memories still retained (but I know better) Memories of a life I once had But where am I to be lost in the future? But does that mean you can't have me? Yes Just go back, go back and forget me Why won't the rest of you see me? I just can't wait for time to catch up You're exactly the way that I like All of the pieces to be So call me from in your next life But for now I can look at your picture And dream of a day in the future That I am accepted by my own I'm dreaming of the moonlight by myself The conversations running wild inside my head But you still, you still don't believe me If I could, I'd let you deceive me Why won't the rest of you see me? I just can't wait for time to catch up
Wet Dream 03:31
I fell asleep in the road last night I heard all of the voices at once I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide My attention turned to the front I managed back to the living room floor Just barely made it inside My hands were black from the fresh blacktop road My arms lay limp at my side But I woke up to the sound Of my front door falling down If I looked up what would I see? My other self looking back at me I ask myself, what can I do? I dream of it every night I cry for help in the vacuum of you No one sees the sign Then I woke up and looked around Don't make one move, not a bloody sound I told myself: get on your knees, Cuz you can help if you just believe Just look at it backwards and upside down And turn it around and inside out I see what you came for, now don't back down Just listen to me in the wake of the ground Then I woke up, my hands were bound My other self was still around I can't look up or I will see Inside myself to the inner me.
I'm Ready 03:22
I see an angel and it makes me want my own To see and to touch and to kiss and to... hug Where could heaven be? Could you set me free? I heard your name and a story Of how you could turn my life around At first I doubted what I had to offer To someone from out of town But then I heard the words I needed From a friend as I drove my car through town And now I'm ready, so come and get me! We're going to meet on a Monday And talk about things brand new to me I can't think of what I want I know I just have to feel the beat I look to you for direction A place to go; a way to be I think I'm ready, just come and get me! Naa na na naaaa na na na naaa na na naaa...
The Reason 04:28
I remember the sunshine I took all the of the pictures in my head Can't forget the plane ride Can't forget my messy empty bed I could walk the front line If it meant I'd see her once again But I met the high tide I walk alone in the sand -variation- I should forget what I can't hear If I should die how would the tide Come back just to take me? Back to the mainland We were different in what we thought we were And now we know the real truth About you'n'me, baby -chorus- And you were, my true reason for love In cold dark places where I Was trapped inside my life My true reason for love The reason Take me back to the ocean Tell me I never have to leave I watch all the waves in the fog With the stars shining bright in the sky Uncover the answer To the question that I asked What are you doing And where are you going And why are you leaving me here? [variation] How could I have known About the way you were Without the twinkle in your eye You trusted me to be Just like you pictured me The protector of your lies But maybe [variation] And you were, my true reason for love In cold dark places where I Was locked into my life And fate just seemed to speak Your name into my head Where I can't escape you My true reason for love For love
Glow 03:20
I lay my eyes on you, in the morning light And I thank God I'm here I see the things in you, that block your joy From shining through I feel your struggle, I bring your eyes in near I can't think of any way to keep your thoughts in here I taste your feelings, I understand your fear I will catch you when you fall I'll be there You talk to me at night, And tell me things I want so badly to believe You say, "I'll love you forever And we will be together, for all eternity." I love your spirit, your heart is free and clear I just want to be a part of your exodus from fear Take me with you, wherever you may go I will be there, in your glow.
Bio Rhythm 03:48
You have it so easy You laugh at those not given Your Genetic Malfunction Who do you think you're fooling? It only works in the movies Or so I keep telling myself -chorus- Take your square jaw back to the gym Where you belong Thinking nonsense, and feeling nothing Now that we've established Just how important you are Take a look at yourself And tell me what I should fear What is so much better Tell me if you please C'mon, tell me [chorus] Don't mind me I'll be the one ignoring you now How long did you think it would take For you to fall down? I'm sorry I'm not there for you Get out of my way now Cuz now its my turn to be Beautiful You genetic malfunction [chorus]
Oh, I found something dear to me Under the bed she laid I had looked in every place I'd known She just had gone out to play Where have you been? I've missed you more than words can say Cuz without you, I can't go on with my miserable life I found my wallet, today, yesterday. Then she opened up, and let me see All of the things I had missed I counted my money, one, two, three If it's not all there, I'll be... mad Oh, wallet... where have you been? I've missed you more than night and day Cuz without you, I can't go on with my miserable life I found my wallet, today, yesterday. I knew it was you, stay in my pocket, where you belong. I'm getting the glue, so I can stick it, and end this song.
Echo 04:39
Off in the distance, I see myself Trying to remember The fog of summer The wind in my face With the road beneath me But it all fades Into reality The taste of fate Is creeping up onto me I try to run free, Escape to eternity The feelings are gone But were they ever there? It was just an echo Get me out of here -chorus 1- It's time to see Who I am I thought it was over This wasn't planned Where is that feeling I used to have Echoes pollute my banging head Time flies by And leaves me with questions Why can't I look around And take some suggestions I feel I have gone To the edge of reality There's no turning back And then it comes to me I hear it again Like a gunshot in a movie It echoes around And makes me uneasy The feelings are gone But do I even care? It was just an echo Now come on over here -chorus 2- It's time for me To choose a plan You thought you could hurt me So here I am Where is that power You said you had? Echoes destroy the walking dead Now that I know the truth I can get over you You can't hold me back That's the door and I'm walking though Now life is my game, its my place, its my time This town is my pain, its my home, its my dime The places I go, I can feel now I'm fine But there's no one to stop me from losing my mind The feelings were wrong, you caught me in a stare It's all just an echo, now ask me if I care [chorus 2] [chorus 1]
Take Her 03:10
You may find I'm not your type But does it really matter? We may play or we may fight But still we're not together I just stopped by Friday night To maybe hear your laughter So hold me, touch me, squeeze me tight Enjoy the time we have -chorus- Together we will enjoy whatever we may want to do With the lights out we cry out with no doubt And hold out our hands in the blue And the things that we share will make us Still aware of the way I see you Some say we are in the wrong They say we'll burn in hell But I say listen to my song They lean back and say "well... I guess it won't be very long Till you two see the danger." Throw it out and hear my song, And make love to a stranger In a motel, in a bedroom It don't make one difference How you do the dirty deed Rock her all night long again Say "there's more than this" Take her all the way again [chorus] [guitar] [chorus]
The choices we make about living dictate outcomes A fountain of words can't describe How people react to each other But is that right? Of course not. There's too many ways to mess this up One of those is contentment I can't describe the way they fight Misunderstanding Misunderstanding... It's so clear what I should do With myself But I can't describe the state I'm running straight for the gate Wake up and smell the ugly truth you know already Take the right actions when challenged; don't run away Not today anyway Misunderstanding... It's so frightening, what I need to do to myself And I won't pass up the good My journey is misunderstood
Find Me 03:31
Same old thing again Same emptiness, my old friend And in the dark, there is no end to this So I will search, near and far, and back again But when I find you, will I know? Come find me, find me, find me To listen, to my heart For every decision I make about life And the general feeling is foolish And I can't stay in exile within my own life As I wait for the right one to fall in my lap Holding a big bright sign that reads: "I'm for you and I finally figured that Simple, yet complex fact out." Come find me Find me... Same old thing again Emptiness, my old friend And in the dark, there is no end.
But A Dream 03:54
The gates are open to a higher road Just take the chance, just take the chance It's one in a million, or so I've been told Just take the chance, you fool Sometimes I see the world in all it should be Time flies and then it starts to fall to me But what I see, it's but a dream. Promises kept are keeping me To the ground, to the ground If I keep working, maybe I'll see If I turn around will there be Sunshine on evening ocean waves To soothe me I'll fly and play among the gates of heaven But what I see, it's but a dream.


This is my third self-produced project, and I appreciate the support of everyone who has taken the time to take a second look at something that may not be traditional entertainment.


released August 9, 2002

Recorded at 2312 N. Blvd (My apartment) between September, 2001, and July, 2002. I use Rhode and Shure mics, De Armond electric, Yamaha, and Alvarez acoustic guitars, Ovation bass, Yamaha keyboard, Behringer mixing console, Line6 POD direct boxes for guitar and bass, Cry Baby wah pedal.

Photography by Melisa Dettloff. I wrote, produced, performed, recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered all of these songs, created the cover/package artwork, and additional photography.


all rights reserved



Elijah Taylor Raleigh, North Carolina

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